Stunt Car Racer - BBC Master - The Little Ramp

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Stunt Car Racer by Geoff Crammond
Ported from C64 to BBC Master by the Bitshifters Collective

BBC Master port by Kieran Connell
Additional programming by Tom Seddon
Additional programming by HEx
Music conversion & code by Simon Morris
BBC graphics by John 'Dethmunk' Blythe

'Out Run Europa' music composed by Matt Furniss for the Atari ST YM2149F.

A short video of The Little Ramp running on real BBC Master hardware captured at 50Hz.

More information including downloadable disc image, online playable emulator version and source code available on our website:

Note that it looks like my HDMI converter doesn't like the video mode changes so glitches on resync - this doesn't happen when playing normally.