Second TCP/IP test on the SAM Coupe with the Trinity Ethernet Interface

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This is another small program to test transfers via TCP/IP using the Trinity Ethernet Interface with the SAM Coupe. This time it's a game that's being downloaded straight to the SAM! What this program is doing is fetching code from the web straight to the SAM Coupe via ethernet using the Trinity Ethernet Interface. The video shows the SAM Coupe booting B-DOS from startup (the SAM has a Trinity Boot ROM installed so on powerup/reset it will load in B-DOS from an EEPROM that is onboard the Trinity) then via BASIC commands I'm typing in a virtual disk is selected on the SD card that's in the Trinity (As well as an ethernet port the Trinity interface also gives mass storage via SD / MMC memory cards) and then the test program is then loaded, which then downloads the code for the game. This work is paving the way for some interesting internet software for the SAM Coupe, such as 'SAMonline' which will get you the latest news and downloads for the SAM straight to your machine! For more information on the Trinity Ethernet Interface and everything else I produce for the SAM Coupe please see my website at: I've put this test program together with help from the following people: Adrian Brown - who has ported a TCP/IP stack to the SAM Coupe (converting by hand C code to Z80 assembler!) Simon Owen - who coded a Trinty Ethernet Driver. (visit Simon's website for more SAM Coupe stuff at: ) Howard Price - big thanks to Howard for letting his SAM Coupe remake of the classic game 'XOR' become the first downloadable game straight to the SAM Coupe itself! (You can visit Howard's website at Any questions - drop me an email via my website at: