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This is a very early version of an application I've been putting together this weekend. The purpose of this application is to provide a real-time(ish) graphical representation of the memory reads and writes taking place within an emulated machine - in this case an Atari ST. I was inspired by another application called "ICU64", which is an add on for the Frodo C64 emulator - although ICU64 is at a much more advanced stage in development than this. To provide a brief explanation of what's going on in the video, the blue colouring represents the current values of each memory location. Black is 0x00, and the lightest blue is 0xff. Areas of the memory map are coloured in bright green and red as they're written to, and fade out over time. The map can be zoomed in and out of - and within the next couple of days I hope to (just like ICU64) be able to display the offset and value of each cell at high zoom levels. What's the point of this app? It's mainly being written to support my interest in understanding how old Atari ST games were built and provide some potential to reverse engineer and perhaps create remakes of these games. The app itself is written in Java and receives notifications of memory reads and writes through the /dev/shm/ filesystem. I've compiled a custom version of Hatari (the ST emulator) that publishes details of memory changes to this filesystem every 15 or so VBLs. As you might expect from something that's been knocked together over the weekend, it's very slow and flaky at the moment and is far from being ready for prime time. When it's a bit further down the line, I'll be putting the source (along with the modifications to Hatari) up on Guthub for everybody to poke at. Comments most welcome!