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Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge - Atari ST vs Atari STE
Autor gridleaderretro

Opublikowane 23-02-2021 00:00

I'm working on an version of Atari ST Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge to make use of the hardware in the Atari STE. Can we make use this hardware to apply any worthwhile improvements? Let's take a look at the two versions running alongside each other.
C64 65XE Debugger v0.64.58

Opublikowane 23-02-2021 00:00

  This is a show case of some new features of C64 65XE Debugger v0.64.58, a Commodore 64 (Vice) and Atari XL/XE (Atari800) code and memory debugger that works in real time. It is quick prototyping tool where you can play with machine and its internals. You can download the C64 65XE Debugger ...
Kącik małego i dużego atarowca im. K. Kubeczki - Zwiastun
Autor Szafa z grami

Opublikowane 03-02-2021 00:00

Trailer filmu dokumentalnego o najbardziej znanym polskim atarowcu. Krzysztof Kubeczko, zwany przez redakcję Top Secretu po macoszemu Krzysiem. Zwany także Qbkiem do końca wierny był swojemu ukochanemu małemu Atari. Znany był z pełnych pasji listów do redakcji TS w których domagał się, aby ta ...
A Massive Update to Zelda BOTW on PC - Draw Distance & 120 FPS+ Update
Autor BSoD Gaming

Opublikowane 31-01-2021 00:00

The Legends of Zelda Breath of the Wild is basically a native PC game at this point! Let's check out the latest update that massively improve how it looks and runs on Cemu Emulator To get all of these new mods, all you need to do is download latest community graphics packs from the Graphics Packs window. ► ...
Breadbox - Teaser
Autor Breadbox

Opublikowane 30-01-2021 00:00

First teaser trailer of upcoming Retro Computer Simulator: BREADBOX Video was edited from a combination of live sessions using Breadbox. Code examples are from the book 10 PRINT: The game in the last part in the video is: Soul Force from Protovision by Sarah Jane Avory: ...
Cemu 1.22.4 lançado! Correções para Vulkan/OpenGL e port do GTA3 para Wii U
Autor Faust

Opublikowane 15-01-2021 00:00

Cemu 1.22.4 lançado, trazendo melhorias para as APIs Vulkan e OpenGL, e diversas correções para tornar o port de GTA3 jogável no emulador! ????Seja membro: ...
Autor arj0n

Opublikowane 09-01-2021 00:00

A short trailer-video of Barahir (remake)
БК0010 game: PONG charged
Autor Manwe

Opublikowane 09-01-2021 00:00

PONG Charged is two-player game designed by Manwe/SandS Started as a demonstration of upcoming JoyVox hardware (2 NES gamepads adapter plus stereo Covox) in February 2019. Finished for DiHalt game competition in Jan 2021. Game features: - 10 levels with different A.I. algorithms for computer rival - BK 0010 ...
Kronos 2.1.5
Autor Kronos Emulator

Opublikowane 26-12-2020 00:00

Read to download and contact us : New Kronos release Join us on Discord: Download the last public release: 32 Bits: 64 Bits:
Autor Tulio Santos

Opublikowane 10-12-2020 00:00

Confira as principais novidades das versões mais recentes do cemu 1.22: 1.22.1: ✪Seja Membro: ✪ ???????????????????? ???????????????????? ????????????????????: Curso de Desenho - ...

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