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Cemu 1.15.9 Released | New Graphical Fixes, Softlock/Crash fixes & UI Upgrades
Autor BSoD Gaming

Opublikowane 21-06-2019 00:00

Cemu 1.15.9 is now released. Lets take a look at what has changed in this update! Free Public release takes place on Friday June 21st Cemu patron download page: ____________________________________________ ► Become a BSoD Gaming Patron ...
From Scratch Demo by Vanity Running in the WIP version of Retro Virtual Machine
Autor RetroVirtualMachine

Opublikowane 11-06-2019 00:00

The demo from scrtach running in Retro Virtual Machine v2.1 WIP Demoing the new CRTC-1 implementation
Cemu 1.15.8 Released | New Graphical Upgrades, Playable Games & UI Updates
Autor BSoD Gaming

Opublikowane 08-06-2019 00:00

Cemu 1.15.8 has now released. Lets take a look at all the new updates in this version Patreon Download Page: Linux Guide: __________________________________________________ ► Become a BSoD Gaming Patron ...
melonDS: Mario Kart DS in hi-res glory
Autor Ariso tura

Opublikowane 01-06-2019 00:00

Some gameplay of a great classic, but with betterer graphics. With OpenGL, we render the 3D scene at 4x the native resolution. Even without fancypants filtering, that ain't too shabby. Noting that video recording took its toll on overall performance. I normally get a steady 60FPS, even at this resolution. There ...
STF Remake - 16MHz Mode Comparison
Autor Icky Bo Biky

Opublikowane 28-05-2019 00:00

STF Remake in true 16MHz mode running the Frontier demo alonside a stock STFM
Cemu 1.15.7 Released | New Upgrades & A Brand New Release Cycle Announced
Autor BSoD Gaming

Opublikowane 25-05-2019 00:00

Cemu 1.15.7 is now release to all Cemu Patrons. Public Release will take place on May 24th Full Cemu Setup Guide Full Setup Guide for Linux (Cemu & Yuzu) ___________________________________________ ► Become a BSoD Gaming Patron ...
Cemu 1.5.6 (Wii U Emulator) | Improvements Preview
Autor reznoire

Opublikowane 10-05-2019 00:00

site - donate - This channel is not run by the Cemu development team. gameplay rig: Intel Core i5-750 @ 4GHz - EVGA GTX 970 SSC instrumental produced by chuki | cosplayer: byndo gehk | additional ...
Hi-resolution Rotate BackGround Screen
Autor devmiyax

Opublikowane 28-04-2019 00:00

You can get this test version of Yaba Sanshiro( from I want to konow how much this function is heavy. I'll be happy if you test this version and report me your FPS and CPU sepc when 1080p is selected. And donation are welcome!
Cemu 1.15.5 Released - New Performance Fixes, Graphics Pack Options & MORE
Autor BSoD Gaming

Opublikowane 28-04-2019 00:00

Cemu 1.15.5 is Now Released. Lets take a look at all of the new changes in detail. Cemu Patron Download Patreon Release: April 19th Public Release: April 26th (Friday) _____________________________________________ ► Become a BSoD Gaming Patron ...
bsnes 107.1 | Pilotwings - HD Mode 7 Beta 1 Comparison
Autor Faust

Opublikowane 17-04-2019 00:00

Intel Core i5-7600k EVGA GTX 1080 FTW2 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3200

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