Moonstone Project (Video of a combat remake WIP from 1991 Moonstone)

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02/07/2012 - UPDATE- The website is no longer up, but it doesn't mean the project is dead, we are pushing our resources on more important things for now. ___________________________________ This is a video of a project started few years ago, which aimed at recreating a 1991 Amiga game called Moonstone. The video is recorded live, in front of a large Plasma TV, taken from two players fighting each others in debug mode (You should be able to hear the button pressing). It was great fun and a great inspiration in order to develop future ideas, better thought and more polished. The graphics were Work In Progress, just as the combat, as it was part of the early stages of the project, and the music and SFX borrowed from the original game to keep its original "feel" even though we never really planned it to keep them that way. The Youtbue compression is a bit dodgy, and does not make it justice in the slightest of ways, so later on we might think of something else to show our work at it's best. Currently this project is no longer being worked on, because for as much as we love and respect Moonstone, it is not in our intentions to steal their ideas and profit on them, so we've started our own brand new game IP which will retain the same "spirit" games such as Moonstone have with the working title of "Astaroth" I hope you will enjoy watching it as we enjoyed making it, and don't forget to watch until the end for a surprise!