Majora's Mask N64HD Project Overview and Tutorial

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This video is now obsolete as far as the tutorial part is concerned. Please use this guide instead:

If you want to install manually instead, the download links are below.
*Make sure you're waiting long enough for the pack to load (the screen may remain black for several minutes)
*Place the HTS file in Project64 2.3pluginGFXCache (Create the folder if it doesn't exist and make sure "save enhanced texture cache to hard disk" and "use file storage instead of memory cache" are enabled in GlideN64)

Texture pack links:
Alternative if you don't use Discord:


NTCore patcher: (This step is no longer necessary if using a new Pj64 nightly build)

GlideN64 (QT for Project64.7z):


Dolphin version links:

Texture pack thread:

Dolphin builds:

30 FPS cheat:

Patreon support: