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COPS - THE FINAL CHAPTER - preview of the coming C64 game

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In the early 1990s, the game COPS was released as a covertape feature with the British games magazine ZZAP!64 (later retitled as COMMODORE FORCE), to widespread acclaim. A covertape sequel, HOLIDAY COPS, followed, and then the game COPS 3: COPS, ROBBERS & DINOSAURS... Now, at long last, comes the shocking conclusion to the series: COPS - THE FINAL CHAPTER, To be released for C64 and C64 emulators, from Psytronik Software. THE STORY: Mike "Mad Dog" McTavish and Singh "Big Bang" Kapoor, the toughest cops of Euro-City, are getting too old and unpopular, facing suspension and retirement... Nevertheless, they take on one last deadly assignment, the job no other cop wants: to catch an escaped convict who has sworn to punish the entire city for daring to arrest him. If they cannot catch this man and stop his terrorist army, Euro-City will burn to the ground... and the inferno has already started. FEATURES: 1-2 player side-scrolling action in 2 parts Power-up weapons Levels include: Freeway, Bridge, Prison Break, City on Fire, Park, Pier, Airport, Construction Site, Subway, Skyscraper, Rooftop. For further inquiries, contact Psytronik Software at