[Cen64 2016-10-15 multithread] Hydro Thunder plays well, audio is good, and memory card works!

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Sorry, no alternate upscaled version this time - only unfiltered.

Regarding the audio...

1. This is what Cen64 sounded like 6 months ago:

2. I *did* only use the word "good" rather than "great" or "excellent".

3. Keep an eye on the VI/s counter in the titlebar - when the game is running too fast or slow, of course audio will sound worse than it should.

4. For whatever reason some of the audio in Hydro Thunder is running too fast in Cen64 even at 60 VI/s, so the previously-listed issue can occur even if the game is running at 100% speed; this is particularly noticeable with the "fast times listing" and the "Nile Adventure" songs.