Atari ST Pole Position - work in progress 21 March 2014

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Here's a video showing current progress as of 21 March 2014 on my Pole Position arcade conversion for the Atari ST. The first 15 seconds show part of a demo sequence and the title screen, after which a player (me) controlled qualifying and race session is shown. You'll see lots of graphical glitches and a jerky frame rate in this video. I understand the cause of most of the graphical glitches and am slowly working through these. The jerky frame rate should also be addressed over time - I don't imagine it'll ever be as smooth as Super Hang-On or Lotus, but the final release should be significantly better than what you see here. Sadly I only have around 8-10 hours per week to spend on this at the moment so progress is slow. Feel free to follow my semi-regular progress updates at Twitter @RetroRacing. Feedback welcome!