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Hello to all the Atari Fans out there, I am very proud to present a new digital publication to the Atari community called "Atari Gamer Magazine" with feature exclusive Atari 8-bit game reviews and articles created to blow your ram chips. This publication has been on the cards for some time now and I have final produced it, and wanted to share this little promotional video to let you have a sneak peek of what's inside, it consists of 74 pages or Atari loveliness and if your an Atari 8-bit fan, this is for you all that live in Atari land and love your A8 computers :), I know I do!! So please visit our website for more details to find out how to get your hands on this bad boy. please visit us @ to purchase the your very own Digital Copy of Atari Gamer Magazine also check out our other great magazine "Homebrew Heroes" video promotion here: if you haven't missed it already :) again I want thank the Atari Community, Atari, RVG (Retro Video Gamer), My Family and friends and especially YOU, for taking an interest in my work :) Music was created by Cyborg Jeff and the tune is called "Welcome to my Tiny World" check it out on sound cloud: All copyright Acknowledgements Atari Inc™, Atari brand and Atari 8-bit computers are all copyrighted to the Atari name.