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Welcome to another entry of new working MAME games, and this time, I think this must be the longest MAME video I've done in 2 years of documenting every new version.

Please don't unlike if you don't like the games. I'm not associated with the MAME project in any way. I just want to show you in a quick way what gets added on each version.

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Games featured:
(00:05) Alphie - The Electronic Robot (patent)
(00:16) Cyberstorm (prototype)
(00:27) Electronic Number Muncher
(00:38) Genesis Collection Volume 1 (Radica, Arcade Legends) (USA)
(00:49) Golden Axe (Tiger handheld)
(01:00) Last KM (Ver 1.0.0275)
(01:11) Kingsford Match Me
(01:22) Otakara Itadaki Luffy Kaizoku-Dan! (Japan, v1.02)
(01:33) Sensible Soccer plus [Cannon Fodder, Mega lo Mania] (Radica, Arcade Legends) (Europe)
(01:44) Skeleton Warriors - The Dark Crusade (Tiger handheld)
(01:55) Space Invaders [Lunar Rescue, Colony 7, Qix, Phoenix] (Radica, Arcade Legends TV Game)
(02:06) Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition [Ghouls'n Ghosts] (Radica, Arcade Legends) (Europe)
(02:17) Super Double Dragon (Tiger handheld)
(02:28) Super TV Boy (PAL)
(02:39) The Incredible Crash Dummies (Tiger handheld)
(02:50) Thief in Garden
(03:01) TI unknown electronic maze game (patent)
(03:12) TV Boy II (PAL)
(03:23) unknown electronic Space Invaders game (patent)
(03:34) Vindicators (Tiger handheld)
(03:45) 100 in 1 (D-CAT8 8bit Console, set 1) (v5.01.11-frd, BL 20041217)
(03:56) 110 in 1 CoolBaby (CoolBoy RS-1S)
(04:07) 138 in 1 CoolBaby (CoolBoy RS-5, PCB060-10009011V1.3)
(04:18) 777777 in 1 (8 bit Slim Station, NEWPXP-DVT22-A PCB)
(04:29) 888888 in 1 (8 bit Slim Station, NEWPXP-DVT22-A PCB)
(04:40) Defender M2500P 120-in-1
(04:51) dreamGEAR 101 in 1
(05:02) dreamGEAR 75-in-1
(05:13) dreamGEAR Wireless Motion Control with 130 games (DGUN-2500)
(05:24) Game Prince RS-1
(05:35) Game Prince RS-16
(05:46) Knights of Valour 3 (V104, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan)
(05:57) Matsushita MyBrain 3000
(06:08) Road Burners (ver 1.04)
(06:19) TeleVideo Model 910
(06:30) VG Pocket (VG-2000)
(06:41) VG Pocket Mini (VG-1500)

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