ROB HUBBARD, C64 MUSIC ~ One hour mix #2

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Artist: ROB HUBBARD, England. This is a one hour mix of Rob Hubbard music. This is made from emulated SID, the sound file for Commodore 64. Tracks length are quite variable. That's normal, a SID file is make to turn round, hour and hours if you want. So one moment, you have to decide to cut. A SID file weight 5k for 4 mn. This is better quality than Youtube. Rob Hubbard is one of the most impressive artist working on C64 music. This mix doesn't contain all the tracks he made AND NOT THE TERRIBLE BEST ONES. For these best ones, please refer to my Chiptune C64 Mix #1 to #5. This mix is not the BEST one, but an easy to listen one hour music. Why one would be better than another ? This is a simple personal perception. Title are: I-Ball Knucklebusters Lightforce Master of Magic Mega Apocalypse Rasputin Saboteur II Sigma (Song 7) StarPaws Battle of Britain Chimera Delta1 Synth Sample II -- Hope you'll enjoy :):)