Let's Emu! - ZX Spectrum Emulator for Atari 8-bit. Now in colour!

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The following Atari 8-bit extensions were used to create this short video:
- Rapidus Accelerator rev.1d (CPU W65C816@20MHz),
- VBXE rev.2.1 with fx 1.26 core (gfx),
- Evie (AY/YM sound chip implementation),
- IDE+ rev.D (a HDD Interface),
- Ultimate 1MB,
...and an A520 Video modulator :-)

Let's Emu! written by Konrad M.Kokoszkiewicz. Now in colour!

Poor video quality thanks to the Commodore A520 RGB to composite converter. That's all what I was able to get from it, but it's better than nothing.