C= Rambo Loader cover by Hornanvasara (drums, guitars, bass)

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Metal cover and home-made music video of the Commodore 64 Rambo (1985 video game) loading music. Original by Martin Galway 1985. *** Rambo (1985 video game) - From Wikipedia: Rambo is a 1985 video game based on the film Rambo: First Blood Part II. It was produced by Platinum Productions and published by Ocean Software for the ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, and Commodore 64.[1] The Commodore 64 version's music is by Martin Galway, incorporating melodies from the film's score. *** Martin Galway (From Wikipedia) Martin Galway (born 3 January 1966, Belfast, Northern Ireland) is one of the best known composers of chiptune video game music for the Commodore 64 sound chip, the SID soundchip, and for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. His works include Rambo: First Blood Part II, Comic Bakery and Wizball's scores, as well as the music used in the loader for the C64 version of Arkanoid. *** Rambo: First Blood Part II (From Wikipedia) Rambo: First Blood Part II (also known as Rambo II or First Blood II) is a 1985 action film directed by George P. Cosmatos and starring Sylvester Stallone. The screenplay was by Stallone and James Cameron. A sequel to 1982's First Blood, it is the second installment in the Rambo series, with Stallone reprising his role as Vietnam veteran John Rambo. Picking up where the first film left, the sequel is set in the context of the Vietnam War POW/MIA issue; it sees Rambo released from prison by federal order to document the possible existence of POWs in Vietnam, under the belief that he will find nothing, thus enabling the government to sweep the issue under the rug. *** Gear *** Mapex UX drums Pearl Icon drum rack Paiste, Sabian, Meinl, Stagg cymbals B.C. Rich Warlock & Charvel Model 4 guitars Ibanez Soundgear SR506 bass ENGL Gigmaster guitar amp Presonus Firepod x 2 sound cards DAW: REAPER