Atari 8-bit Intro - The Last Starfighter

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This is the opening sequence to The Last Starfighter for the 8-bit Atari. This game is an unreleased prototype. Atari originally obtained the license to create both an arcade version and a home version of The Last Starfighter, though neither saw a release. Because The Last Starfighter didn't turn out to be quite the hit that it was expected to be, and because Atari had already spent so much money developing the game, it was modified and eventually released a year later in 1985 as Star Raiders II. (Funny enough, it is said that The Last Starfighter originally started out as a *another* game titled Orbiter, and it was decided they would turn it into TLSF early in its development.) Played on an Atari 130XE and recorded through a TV Capture Card.