Spectrum +3e Formating, Partitioning and Using Hard Disk Device

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This video demonstrates the use of the Spectrum +3e equipped with an internal Hard disk device on an emulated device. These commands help construct a hard disk file that is then written to a disk (or compact flash card ) and then installed in the target machine equipped with an Z80 IDE interface. The Z80 IDE adapter connects to either a Spectrum 128k +2A/B (Black model) or Spectrum 128k +3 equipped with the "+e" ROM set. My thanks to Garry Lancaster and www.worldofspectrum.org for making the magic happen. Copyright Notice: This video is of my own work on an emulated system, the music accompanying this video is available for free at www.amigaremix.com. You are welcome to use this video for non-commercial purposes. I reserve all rights pertaining to this video / media. Any further spurious claims of ownership by UMG will be considered harassment and will be met with civil court action.