How to Connect to Wi-Fi using DeSmuME (Fix to all Errorcodes)

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This is normally for wired connection. However there is a way to do it with wireless: First Download the ''Wi-Fi'' Folder With desmume 9.7 Instructions: Before doing anything you should move your roms and saves in the file I give you so you won't have to start new games. (In 9.7 you should go to path settings and set the Wi-Fi folder to all of them) 1. Install winpcap 2. Open desmume and go to config wifi settings. 3. Change to infrastructure and use your network card that your computer uses for internet, you MUST disable all your fake ip and leave one main router only, like closing hamachi. 4. Go to config emulation settings. 5. Check the box "Use external BIOS images". 6. Put biosnds9.bin that is in the Wi-Fi folder I give you in "ARM9 BIOS image". 7. Put biosnds7.bin that is in the Wi-Fi folder I give you in "ARM7 BIOS image". 8. Check the box "Use external firmware images". 9. Put the firmware.bin in "Firmware image" 10. Check the box "Boot from firmware (like the NDS)". 11. Go to "Nintendo Wi-Fi connection settings" or Nintendo WFC setup" with any game with wifi support. 12. Test wi-fi to make sure u see SoftAP on Connection 1 by using "Search for an Access Point". It might not conect the first time. If it doesn't try again. Forget about this, you no more need to do it: Remember that you must do 11. and 12. each time you restart the emulator. Credits go to ahackerjack and to brianuuu Also credits go to Warlord3085 for telling me about this. Trouble Shoooting You need to have a Wired connection or else you will get errocode 52000 If you have a wired connection and still get Errorcode 52000 then you need to Disable Extra Networks and Firewall AND add desmume and winpcap as exceptions in your firewall or anti-virus. Windows7/vista users must go to network and sharing center and make sure that their connection type is set to HOME network and NOT PUBLIC OR WORK If you can't save: Go to Path Settings and set your own paths for cheats saves etc. Windows 7/Vista: You need to run DesmuME as an administrator. For errorcode 20104: You need to download this file: It is called the firmware.dfc. It has nothing to do with firmware.bin. What it does is allowing you to use my Wi-Fi connection ID to connect cause you will not be able to get one. Download it and place it in the Wi-Fi folder. Open desmume and take look at the output: If it says ''firmware save confing-done'' then you will be able to play. If it says ''firmware save config-fail'' then try pressing CTRL+R and it might fix it. en español: