Epic - PC DOS Longplay

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This is missions 1-3 + the intro of DID's space shooter Epic published back in 1992 on the PC by Ocean. I saw Steve Benway playing this on the Amiga the other day and I thought it looked like fun so I dug out my DOS copy that's been sat on the shelf for many years and gave it a go. I remembered at this point why I never sold it (1 of the disks went faulty a few months after I bought it) so I'm playing a cracked version instead. The briefing for mission 2 is a bit wonky due to the crack but it works ok otherwise. The sound is off an MT-32 but the video from Dosbox loses sync with it every time it goes in and out of gameplay meaning that I've had to edit the sound all over the place to try to get it to sync. If it doesn't, that's why. Usually the MT-32 sounds pretty good but this game isn't it's finest hour and I kind of wish I'd just gone with the Soundblaster in retrospect.


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