The Amiga 500 promo video (1987)

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Back in the dark days of DOS computers, all you had to work with your computer were white numbers on a black screen. To do any simple function, you had to write a long line of complicated code. No GUI's! For the novice, it was horrible. Then, one day I saw a video for an Amiga 500 computer and I was hooked! Out went my crappy DOS-system and I bought an Amiga. Suddenly I could do easy lists of all my videos but most of all I could do quality video titles, animations and more. And until the iMac came out with easy digital video, THIS was the way to go! I used mine for years. Step back 20 years and visit the future with the Amiga 500 computer! (See the Amiga 2000 Demo elsewhere in my listings.) Release Date: 1987