-SNES- Nintendo Commercials 1991-1995

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Who now think that Sega first started with such "Advertising War", which is wrong. Nintendo SNES was the first with his console advertising made with Super Mario World, etc.

Nintendo wanted to promote Yes also to present the customers more and serious. Until an idea came from Sega that wanted to say: "We don't give up!"
And so came the of, the Sega power advertising with a WOW effect.

And so you only not to overly did the same by NIntendo, such as Sega (Sega has put on most of the time more money in marketing than Nintendo) And so later sent (thanks by the media) the Console War!

As I have already noted, Nintendo has brought more publicity out as Sega in the early 90's years!

But only means of the 90's came to showdown Nintendo versus Sega.
Unexpected name: Sony. Who want to also join in the console business. No one has to expect this!

But that's a different story...

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