ZX Spectrum Longplay [094] Trantor: The Last Stormtrooper

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http://www.longplays.org Played by: MadMatty Trantor for the Spectrum 48k The next few games are going to be looking at those developed by Probe Software's Nick Bruty and David Quinn. The found a way to push the Spectrum 48k to it limits at least graphically. Sound was pretty much an afterthought in most of their games. What stands out is the Huge sprites used and the colorful levels. There is color clash, but it doesn't get in the way. The game is Hard. While the overall map is small, you really need to plan out where your going to go. The enemies dont do much damage, but if you have a long stretch between letter pickups, all that damage running into enemies is going to add up. You haven't got time to stop and line up shots, you have to keep moving all the time. What kind of keeps it interesting is the drops and password letters are random each game. So there is no just running to the Terminal and getting to the final pass. You need to collect all letters and complete final word which differs each game. The game has at least one very annoying bug. Once you get the codes to the transporter their is a 99% chance it wont work. You can enter any old code and it will say transporter online, which defiantly isn't the case. If you enter it correctly, it will beep to acknowledge it, but there is still a very high chance it work when you go on the transporter, so you end up dying instead of winning.