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WikiPedia: The player controls the driver of a vehicle that is similar to the ED-209 of the RoboCop franchise. The player must clear levels filled with randomly generated enemies in an unnamed city in order to survive. Items that can upgrade the firepower and defense of the vehicle are hidden in crates. Players must spends as much time outside of the armored unit as they do inside because the mech is a bigger (but tougher) target. They must also leave the mech to climb ladders that lead to needed items and to advance the story line of the game. However, veteran gamers of this genre have noted more than a few similarities to Blaster Master.The "little person" has a virtually identical appearance to Jason in the Blaster Master video game. Controlling the person is easier than controlling the mech.[5] Players have to collect radiation symbols around the city; which was also the main point of Blaster Master. While the cart is relatively common, the box and the instruction manual are classified as having an "average" level of rarity.