Sega Fusion (Genesis+SegaCD+32X) (project phoenix) Finished

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Sega Fusion (all in one Genesis+SegaCD+32X) (project phoenix). From about 14:30 to the end of the video are various gameplays. I also added RGB out (Connector in the rear of console). I also modded it for Language (Eng/Jp) and region (50/60Hz) selections. Please let me know if you have any questions and I'll try to answer them. I had to leave a lot out (original video was over 3+ hours). I want to thank Kevinsvideogameworld for suggesting the name Sega Fusion. Really liked it :) Also for the 2 short intro music, I want to thank: RAD -Arrival of the Phoenix And also Anticosmic1994 for his Prodigy remix of Diesel Power: Also Mike @ Bluewave Printing for the Sega Fusion decal/logo: Thanks again for watching and sorry for the long wait.