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Historia Commodore 64 - piksel po pikselu. Kilka słów z okazji polskiej premiery Chrisa Wilkinsa.
Autor Faust

Opublikowane 09-03-2023 00:00

Bartek Kluska z Centrum Komiksu i Narracji Interaktywnej opowiada o książce Chrisa Wilkinsa "Historia Commodore 64 - piksel po pikselu" (i publikacjach towarzyszących). Właśnie mieliśmy polską premierę tego wydawnictwa - więc to doskonała okazja, żeby wziąć je pod lupę!
A8 Elite (WIP) 2023-02-05
Autor a8converterman

Opublikowane 08-02-2023 00:00

I have been running through my code and comparing this against the documented sources on github for for the BBC and C64 versions and in doing so had uncovered some duplicate variables (i.e. different labels for the same location) and through debugging uncovered some issues with code & data overlaps. With these ...
Pinball Dreams 2 Amiga 2022.12.30
Autor HondaAccordVgen

Opublikowane 23-01-2023 00:00

Retro Virtual Machine v2.1 - 2022
Autor Joseph Antony [XeNoMoRPH]

Opublikowane 31-12-2022 00:00

RVM v2.1 final by Juan Carlos González Amestoy --------------- Download:
WIP: ZX Spectrum Next in Retro Virtual Machine v2.1
Autor RetroVirtualMachine

Opublikowane 24-12-2022 00:00

Work in progress video of the ZX Spectrum Next emulation working in Retro Virtual Machine v2.1
Pinball Dreams 2 Amiga port [WIP]
Autor iC'e Jay

Opublikowane 20-12-2022 00:00

030 AGA
Michael Jackson in Scramble Training - Sega AS-1 - 1993
Autor ted909

Opublikowane 12-12-2022 00:00

Digitised master footage of Michael Jackson in Scramble Training, a 1993 interactive ridefilm for the AS-1 motion ride simulator developed by Sega. Thought to be lost even by Sega personnel themselves, the above footage - all localised segments made by writer/director Hiroshi Uemura and Kenji Sasaki, as well as ...
MAME 250 - What's new
Autor Bob Zed

Opublikowane 05-12-2022 00:00 00:00:00 MAME Testers 00:01:28 New working machines 00:02:42 New working clones 00:05:01 Clones promoted to working 00:05:08 Atari 2600 cartridges 00:05:20 Atari 7800 cartridges 00:05:35 Apple IIgs original disks 00:05:42 Nintendo Game Boy ...
BigPEmu - Atari Jaguar Perfected!!!
Autor Super Mega Grafx 64

Opublikowane 02-12-2022 00:00

A new emulator is out and it is absolute Atari perfection! Check out this free download and experiment for yourself. This is stunning! The Jag is back! Download it here: THANK YOU RICH!!!!!!!!!!  
Atari STe remake: Shadow of the Beast title sequence
Autor Keith Clark

Opublikowane 15-11-2022 00:00

This is a recreation of the title sequence from Shadow of the Beast, for the Atari STe. The Amiga original adorned the shop window of almost every computer retailer in the early 90's and became a showcase for the machines capabilities. This version uses the additional hardware of the Atari STe to recreate the same ...

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I have been running through my code and comparing this against the documented sources on github for for the BBC and C64 versions and in doing so had ...
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