My Banjo-Kazooie Retexture (Fully Retextured N64 Game :D)

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This is a texture pack that I created for the Nintendo 64 game, Banjo-Kazooie, a couple of years ago. Everything within my control has been altered. Nearly every texture is based off of the originals, so the game has the same general look and feel. I'll admit that the characters might look a bit off, but that is easily removed from the pack if it is downloaded. Please watch the entire video, as the levels look better than the characters, and you see A LOT of the characters at the beginning... Thanks :) I hope you all like it :) The video itself has not been edited (I'm no good at that...), so there a blips where I paused the recording so you wouldn't have to see a loop of the intro. Also, the recording software I used seems to make colours a bit more bold, so the actual game colours are not quite so bright. If you wanna try it out, this is the page to go to: I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THE GAME OR ORIGINAL TEXTURES IN THIS VIDEO. I do however, own a legit copy of the N64 game, so I am not using the emulator illegally :) and the altered textures are mine, unless I am mistaken as to how those laws work.