Master Class - Sinclair ZX Spectrum - Introduction to Programming (Level 2)

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Link to previous related video (Level 1): Old VHS videotape (released in 1984) about using & programming the popular ZX Spectrum personal computer. David Redclift, a leading programmer introduces you to the more advanced aspects of programming: ARRAY HANDLINGS, STRING SLICING AND ANIMATION... The tape contains 3 programs for transferring to your computer to show how a complete program can be produced by using these facilities. 'HANGMAN' and 'MINEFIELD' can be modified by the viewer. Transfer the programs to a computer casette as follows:- 1. Connect the line out or headphone socket of the video recorder to the mic in socket of the tape recorder. 2. Run the video tape to the appropiate program "transfer" shown on your video tape and freeze frame. 3. Start your tape recorder 4. Start your video recorder and record the program onto a blank computer casette. 5. Switch off the casette recorder when the video-tape diagram and high pitched tone stop. 6. To load the recorded program follow the instuctions given in the user guide provided with your computer. - Index of Contents - Fist Session: - Further features of basic programming - Large amounts of data - How to use the facilities - String manipulation - Animation - Facilities for holding data - Storing raw material (data) - Restore statements - Data statements - An array of data statements - Information - DIM statements - Transfer of the program so far ilustration of how to transfer - Practice session Second Session: - String manipulation - Game "HANGMAN" - How to use string manipulation in this game - Transfer of the game to computer - Practice session on this program Third Session: - Learning how it was put together and functions it performs - BUILDING YOUR OWN GAME - User defined chararcters - A FULL PROGRAM - MINEFIELD - ANIMATION - How animation is used - How to make your own characters - Transfer of the program - WATCH OUT FOR THE SURPRISE