LEGO Ant Attack - City Of Antescher [Animated HD]

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This is POV-Ray rendered LDraw LEGO model replica of the City Of Antescher from the classic 1983 ZX Spectrum home computer game Ant Attack created by Sandy White and Angela Sutherland and published by Quicksilva. Last month saw the 30th anniversary of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, my first home computer and the one I learned to program on. With my recent foray into the world of LDraw I figured it would be fun to create a model of something related to one of the best games ever seen on the Spectrum. Only a small portion of the city is ever visible at any time within the game, and only from one of four angles, so this was a chance to build a replica where the whole city could be seen from any angle. The city is built on a scale of each 1x1 brick corresponding to a 1x1 square from the game. I decided to break my golden rule of LDraw and allow floating bricks. It is impossible to fully create an exact replica of the original city without floating some bricks here and there and since it's a virtual model I decided it was more important to be 100% faithful to the original. If you wanted to build this for real many of the floating bricks could be eliminated via the use of a careful series of plates instead of bricks, but you'd have to deviate from the original city design in numerous places to get rid of all of them. More Info + Pics: Music by me too. There's only really three very short melodic parts of music in the game (one at the start, one when you rescue someone, and one when you rescue all ten) so I tried to incorporate them here, although I had to alter the timing a bit to get the three to fit together. I just hate uploading anims with no sound whatsoever.