I fail at playing UFO: Enemy Unknown (ZX Spectrum real-time port, that is)

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...yeah, not only I have set all the cheats on maximum (I'm a cheating bastard, ho-ho), I also forgot where the hell the fire button is (although I've pressed Caps Shift that's originally supposed to be the fire button for this game, didn't work). So I'm being far, GODDAMN far away from making a perfect footage of it. Simply said: FUCK YOU ALIENS!!1! Still, I'll give cha some facts on it, as I usually do. Ahem, sa-a-a-a-a-aw, this is the 5th game by Vyacheslav Mednonogov (Copper Feet), which was followed by UFO 2: Devils of the Deep and Black Raven. Of course, some of you would throw tomatoes into him for trying to "rip X-Com off" (even considering Spec's limitations), but as you may see later in this video, this is actually a REALTIME X-COM. How Mednonogov arguements his choice: "There were many people who were unprepared for serious strategical games like this, while I had to make a game for everyone." (ZX Format #1, translated from Russian) This game originally was stored on whole two discs, until it got hacked and optimized SO itchy that it now occupies only 1/3 of a regular TR-DOS flop! And, mind you, there were a lot of guys to hack this game, as well as its' sequel based on Terror From The Deep. Luckily for them (geez :D), it became freeware after Mednonogov annouced Black Raven.