HIPSid v1.01 by Psycho Hacking Force (Atari ST music demo) 1080p50

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Almost ten hours of Atari ST chip music!
Demozoo: https://demozoo.org/productions/175934/

These are classic Mad Max Atari ST tracks infused with a SID-voice routine by Tao of Cream. Grazey of the PHF did the huge compilation and song conversions.

So here you can get an idea what Mad Max songs could have sounded like if the SID-voice technique had been invented some years earlier. The automatic infusion of the SID-voice isn't optimal though, some instruments should have been left alone with their original square-wave shape.

For example, check out Tao/Cream version(s) of Ikari Union carefully crafted with SID-voice and compare it with this one; the hand-tailored conversions wins.

But I think it's a really cool idea to get a sort of a preview of what could have been.