FLYING SHARK on 5 platforms - a comparison

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1. ZX SPECTRUM Music: Only title, no in game music :( Graphics: Monochrome, small screen :( Gameplay: Too slow and too easy. From me: There could be the same music as on ST - a compatible sound chip. 2. COMMODORE 64 Music: In game, quite good :) Graphics: Colourful. Gameplay: Enemy shots are too fast, poorly visible :( From me: Very irritating when you get hit in a few microseconds as your plane appears. 3. PC DOS (released as Sky Shark) Music: In game, high quality :) Graphics: Very good, full colour. Gameplay: Good. From me: Colours of the ships are awful. 4. ATARI ST Music: Title and in game, very good :) Graphics: Excellent :D Gameplay: Excellent :D From me: The emulator encounters problems in full screen mode (not the game's fault) 5. AMIGA Music: Title and in game, high quality :D Graphics: Excellent (the same as on ST) :D Gameplay: Excellent :D From me: I want to play it again. See also part 2 (Amstrad CPC, Nintendo Nes, Arcade): I'm not a good gamer, rather a tester :P