Duke Nukem 3D - Fallout TC Demo (November 14, 1999)

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Duke Nukem rescues Tandi from hands of Aliens and cleans mess in Vault 13... -Level 1 of this Demo has very simple level design and for me poor gameplay. It has a single building and a bunch ot tents.You start off with your pistol with 48 rounds, a shotgun, an extra box of shells, and a case of pipebombs-grenades. Facing you are almost 50 machine gun toting aliens and a pig tank. If one of them does not drop a machine gun you are up the creek. I played it 3 times and never got the machine gun. There is a portable medkit or two and some regular health kit's around but that does not help much if you run out of ammo. Level 2 has a better balance between weapons-ammo and aliens. One of the aliens dropped a machine gun and that really helped. What you need to do on this level is clean out an alien infested base. It has good if simple level design and good gameplay.-