Apple's new amazing product revealed at Codemotion!

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Amazing, it costs less than an iPod Touch! Check it out at Codemotion, the first event open to all languages and technologies Video Credits: Written and directed by Fabio Fidanza (Macaroni Bros) Photography: Ermanno Di Nicola and Stefano Saverioni 3D animation: Maurizio Valleriani (DMen) Editing: Stefano Saverioni FIrst Assistant Director: Antonella Fidanza Second Assistant Director: Rospo Real time bokeh manager: Andrea Di Sabatino FIlmed in AvMagazine studios Produced by Macaroni Bros - Ten million thanks to Eugenio Mucciconi With: Fabio Ricci: Jony Curls Emidio Frattaroli: Phil Shrubs Fabio Fidanza: Bob Trust Antonella Fidanza: Elegant typing hands