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The Amstrad CPC story concludes with part 2. Detailing the Amstrad story from the mid 80s up until the current day whilst exploring, the Amstrad CPC464, Amstrad CPC6128, Amstrad CPC664, Amstrad 464 Plus, Amstrad 6128 Plus, GX4000 and a host of other gems. We look at Alan Sugar's role and the company as it grew and expanded into other parts of Europe, with the help of Indescomp in Spain and it's distribution arm in France, as well as mentions of other products in the Amstrad line before it would up as a mass producer of electronics.

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00:10 Night Drive Turbo by Rad Universe
03:53 Hybris (Amstrad CPC)
11:14 Navy Seals
14:12 Sram 1
16:50 Batman the Movie
18:27 Bye bye dreamer (demo)
22:31 Song for Alien (demo)
24:42 A Flight (demo)
26:42 Prehistorik (Plus version)

Night Drive Turbo available at /

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