Amiga Longplay [012] Swiv (Jeep)

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Opis filmu Played By: HorsieNZ This is a recording of me playing and finishing SWIV with the Jeep (as opposed to Heli). I may submit a Heli recording later but Jeep is harder which is why I think SWIV fans - all of whom can finish the game with Heli! ;-) - might be more interested in this one. The quality of this recording isn't as good as movies recorded with WinUAE. This is because I was playing on a Real Amiga (an A500, I think) and the TV signal captured on a PC with a capture card; the large file was then re-encoded at a lower bitrate to minimise the file size. It's still perfectly watchable though, and you won't miss a thing! Incidentally, Twin Galaxies ( tracks separate records with Heli and Jeep. This happens to be the Jeep score I submitted to them for verification.