ZX Spectrum Longplay [053] Turrican

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http://www.longplays.org Played by: MadMatty Turrican for the Spectrum 48k If you take into account the game was developed for the aging Spectrum 48k, then the game hasn't really turned out that bad and even with the rainbow colouring it still resembles the version on other systems. The fact its not all in mono is a testament to the probe software developers managing to get so many colours onscreen without looking too messy. There is even a form of parallax scrolling going on in the backgrounds. However, by the time I got my spectrum, the 128k had been out a long while, and I bought the disk version for my +3. I have to say i was disappointed at the pure 48k version slapped on a disk with no 128k enhancements whatsoever. I had seen the bigger versions in action, and i really felt like the 128 could have shown the game in a much better light without the 48k limitations. Music and better sound effects if nothing else. The slow scrolling can get abit annoying, but back then, us speccy owners were much more accepting of it back then ;)