[ZX] Consolidation of Tank War (Maksim Yakin, 1995)

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A pretty awesome time-killer and, I must say, the best Battle City on ZX Spectrum yet. Again, half of the video is just a fun warm-up before the gameplay, because of the meddleh musak... Coincidentally, I didn't manage to go farther than the set of first levels and, coincidentally again, this video is six minutes long just like my previous Battle City footages. As you can notice, this game not only has pretty lush graphics, but also some features not available in the NES game. First of all, an almighty shot powerup that give you a possibility to slash through a set of walls. Next, the "birdie", as well as the respawn spots are now situated on the top, not the bottom. And, maybe, the last obvious feature: there are enemy tanks that can set the bombs. Not for your good, although not for theirs either. It has considerable problems, however. First of all, the gameplay is SO freaking fast that there's a big probability you'll be exploded with an enemy bomb right after you respawn. Second, your tank is white and some of the other enemy tanks are white too, so you may confuse yours and theirs from time to time. And the third one is that the bubble sequence before the main menu is not only freaking long, it's also UNSKIPPABLE. Someone, please, hack this game so none of those who play it would be freaked out by these downfalls, tank u in advance. Oh, and completely forgot to tell ya! If you decided to play this game despite you don't know Russian at all, the control layouts from top to bottom are Kempston, Sinclair 1, 2 and QAOPM keyboard (Q defines the setting for P1, ENTER does the same for P2). The "S" bomb, as you may see in the video, ends the level automatically. P.S. Did you noticed a little homage to Tank 1990's first stage ("1995 год" that is)?