[ZX] Consolidation of Black Raven (Copper Feet, 1997)

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On to more popular titles (among the ones who still had Speccy with new games in 90s, at least) made by a one-man army, orchestra and code compiler, Vyacheslav Mednonogov, a nifty Warcraft clone named after a not less infamous folk song, The Black Raven. The story is somewhat altered: we're not in Azeroth anymore, guys. Instead, we fight for our fates in the Kievan Rus's lands. And the new orcs are called "kungs", to your information (although I prefer these to be translated as "kungus" so they do sound more, ehrm, fitting for English-speaking users). Last two things, so you would find out about this game more all by yourself. First, the "F" key that increases the game's speed was used throughout capturing this game to save time, so don't be scared by sudden frameskips. Second, this game works on any 128K machine that has at least one disk drive. Pretty compatible, eh? P.S. The game is available for free-of-charge download at World of Spectrum and Virtual TR-DOS.