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A complete playthrough of Konami's 1987 NES game, Track & Field.

In this recording I play through all of the events of the first loop, and got to the archery event of the second time through when I got a game over. That seemed like a good ending point to the video, since the first loop shows everything that there is to see in the game. This was a pretty excellent multiplayer game back in the day, and I remember pretty distinctly having a 6 year old version of myself having a hard time holding a pencil at school because of the blister on my thumb from this game. Excellent memories.

The NES version is a port of the 1983 computer game made for the 1984 Summer games in LA.

For the arcades, Konami did release a sequel, '88 Games, for the 1988 games in Seoul. You can find my video of that one here:

They also made an excellent NES-exclusive sequel, Track & Field 2, which you can find here:
No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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