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Top 10 Amiga Games You've Never Even Heard About! Yes, you read it right. Presented here is a showcase of some of the rarest, most unique and hard to find classic games for the Amiga computer. This Special features 65 (!!) Amiga games in total, and is presented in three 1 hour+ videos. The 'Top 10' are broken down into 10 genre categories, and this first video features the following 5 categories: 10. Platformers 9. Shoot Em Ups 8. Beat Em Ups 7. Run and Gun Platformers 6. 3D Adventures That's 24 games, with at least 4 games featured in each catagory; so I'm sure you'll be able to find a game you've never even heard of among that lot! For fans, see this also as a 'Fan test'. A genuine Amiga-head will probably know half of these rare titles. An enthusiast will know at least three or four, while the casual fan probably wont have seen any of these... Leave your comments below. --- Part 2 will appear soon, and will feature: 5. Point 'N Click Adventures 4. Puzzle Games. Then sometime before the New Year, Part 3 will feature: 3. 3D Shooters 2. Racing Games 1. Empire Builders Thanks very much again for watching these...! Happy Christmas.