The 30 Best Sharp X68000 Games Ever Made

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OMG why was this never released in the western hemisphere??
Im not gonna lie to you here... i had skirted around this system for the last 10 years...never giving a thought to how good it actually was.
Not until i made my video about best Arcade Amiga conversions and someone commented saying that this was the system for arcade conversions, i dug out the games and emulator and now i know that we over here in UK and America etc have really missed out on a this video just to see how good it is
I realise that this was not out here and even if it was you would ne a mortgage or massive loan to afford one as it was $3000 back in 1987.....
I pre warn you that the are loads of shooters in this list as there were absolutely loads of that genre of games released.
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