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[TAS] PSX Final Fantasy IX by Lil_Gecko in 8:04:01.74 - Disk 4 of 4

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This is a tool-assisted speedrun. For more information, see TAS originally published on 2018-11-10.

This is the much-anticipated tool-assisted speedrun of the ninth installment in the Final Fantasy series (and the last to be made for the PSX). With its many references to the older games, it's a trip down memory lane for those familiar with the series.

For more details on the low completion time and the extensive route planning put into this run, we recommend reading the author's comments ( as well as the author's commentary ( outlining the run.

Although compared to the previous movie ( is slower by 30 minutes due to mostly loading time differences between emulation. The author improves on their previous movie by roughly 10 minutes when emulation differences are accounted for thanks to newer tricks and optimizations.

The second YouTube link leads to a playlist of the TAS segmented to their respective disks.