[TAS] [Obsoleted] C64 Pyjamarama by ktwo, DrD2k9 in 10:45.96

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This is a tool-assisted speedrun. For more information, see https://tasvideos.org/3988M

This movie has been obsoleted by https://tasvideos.org/4609M
TAS originally published on 2019-07-03

Wally has to wake up early for work, but he went to bed without winding his alarm clock. His consciousness must save him from getting fired by finding the clock key and setting the alarm. Numerous obstacles stand in the way, including axes, falling bricks, space invaders, and ghosts. Furthermore, Wally's consciousness can only hold two items and has a limited amount of health in the form of "snooze energy."

In this run, ktwo (https://tasvideos.org/Users/Profile/ktwo) and DrD2k9 (https://tasvideos.org/Users/Profile/DrD2k9) carefully manage the health, inventory, and route in order to complete the game in record time. Read their comments (https://tasvideos.org/6418S) for details.

Note: Loading finishes and gameplay starts at 4:15. The loading section may be seizure-inducing.