Star Trek 25th Anniversary Playthrough: Complete

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The complete playthrough of the game Star Trek 25th Anniversary.

Join Captain Kirk and company in Star Trek 25th Anniversary, a thrilling adventure game from Interplay (1992)!

This game (and its immediate sequel, Star Trek Judgment Rites) constitute the 'unofficial' fourth season, according to the game manual. Two versions of this game were released, the first on floppy disk, and the second on CD with full voice acting from the cast of Star Trek. These two games mark the last time the cast portrayed their original Star Trek characters together.

The game is episodic in nature, broken into seven 'missions', or episodes. In Star Trek 25th Anniversary, these are independent of each other. The whole thing has great production values for its time, at the height of this style of graphical 'adventure' game, and the voice acting from the cast really makes it slick and memorable. It really feels like a season of Star Trek, complete with Shatner totally phoning it in.

I tried to do these episodes as expeditiously as possible while elaborating on most of the reasonings behind the actions. The game has much more content than is shown, and much more dialogue.

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