Star Paws - C64 Longplay / Walkthrough

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By Software Projects in 1987 This game somewhat remind me of Road Runner, or atleast it had this effect when i played it as a kid, for sure i liked this much more than the "official" game so called Road Runner. The hero here is Capitan Pawstrong a space dog assigned to capture 20 large space chickens, for this achievement he is assisted by a space ship that will deliver some goods useful to catch these exceptionally fast birds (apparently they are even faster than a rocket!). He have to capture 12 Birds on planet surface, 4 in the mines and 6 with a mortar using some shells he have to find in the mines first. The game itself is nothing special, the set is only a small looping space environment, few mines and the extra stage with the mortar, even capture the birds sometime is glitchy, but the funny tools used to catch them, few puzzle minigames and the catchy tune by Rob Hubbard keep the interest at a good level, atleast for a kid like i was.