R-Type Deluxe *Demo* - [Atari STE] gameplay

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This shows the gameplay from the demo of R-Type Deluxe wich is an R-Type version for Atari STE, it is an early demo and the finished version will be having better framerate and such. Please beware that the sound and music volume is not correct on my STE due to a modification that bypasses the LMC. The SFX is a bit too loud in this video. The intro shows around 5:00 minutes in the video. R-Type Deluxe is programmed by Stephen Jones. (full credits can be seen in the video). This demo was released in 24 December 2013. Video recorded from my Atari STE (4mb) using Micomsofts SC-500n1 capture card, software used is AmarecTV and Virtualdub.


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