Project Firestart - C64 Longplay / Full Playthrough / walkthrough (no commentary)

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Longplay / complete playthrough of Project Firestart, the 1989 C64 classic and prototype survival horror game. Published 4 December 2016.

Project Firestart is a gaming history milestone establishing the gameplay mechanics and elements that constitute the survival horror genre. Set in 2061 aboard the research vessel Prometheus players assume the role of special agent Jon Hawking and investigate the fail of Project Firestart, a genetic engineering experiment to create a strong workers species enduring the conditions on Saturn's Moon Titan.

Project Firestart release date:
- C64: July 1989
- Windows PC (fan-made 3D remake): 2006

This longplay is showing an exemplary playthrough of Project Firestart with the "good ending". It's rather unlikely to fully explore the Prometheus and all of the story and get the "good ending" in one playthrough, rather one has to use discoveries from failed playthroughs to achieve a smooth swift playthrough that due to scarcity of ammunition unfortunately can't show everything. Please keep this in mind when watching, or even better: get Project Firestart and play yourself :)

ToC / Timeline

01:40 Intro
03:59 Arrival, way to research lab
05:28 Text notes & messages
08:56 ID cards, science log
09:34 First encounter, way to reactor room
11:23 Reactor room, increasing radiation
11:33 Way to plasma laser
11:51 Plasma laser
12:42 Way to oxygen control
14:03 Oxgen valve, increasing oxygen level
14:32 Way cryo section
15:03 Cryo section, awake Mary
15:20 Way to waste disposal
15:48 Waste disposal, dispose Mary
16:46 Way to control rooms
18:35 Healing up in the energizer
19:39 Calling HQ Nexus
20:30 Eject waste pod
20:43 Set self destruct
21:25 Way back to docking bay 1 / SSF Exis
22:46 SSF Exis destroyed, way back to control room
24:13 Calling HQ Nexus
26:18 Way back to docking bay 2 / Shuttle
26:41 Dr Annar switches off power, way to power switch
28:15 Encounter with the white monster
28:30 Killing the white monster
29:04 Switching on the power again
29:18 Way back to docking bay 2 / Shuttle
30:55 Docking bay 2, leaving the Prometheus
31:37 Defeating Dr Annar
31:45 The "good ending"

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