Metal Gear Solid "BIG BOSS rank" TAS in 1:31:49.0 by theenglishman

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Metal Gear Solid is one of the original breakthrough titles in the stealth gaming genre. Nobody told the author this however, as he steamrolls through Shadow Moses Island in record time with guns blazing. This run is played on the hardest difficulty and earns the "Big Boss" rank on completion.

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Minor note: I did not make this speedrun, all I did was record a video of it and put it online for people to see. The author's name is theenglishman.

This is a tool-assisted speedrun movie, played using an emulator. For more information, go to This run has been verified by the TASVideos judges to be a valid playthrough of an unmodified version of Metal Gear Solid.Description forthcoming. Sound reverb test: 59:42