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This is a collection of gameplay footage from my favorite games for classic B&W macs. These are running on a Macintosh SE (1987) System 6.0.5 with 2MB of ram and a 68k CPU with 25mhz accelerator card. It runs very fast and boots up from the hard drive in about 5 seconds (seriously), I had a bit of a cold when I recorded this so I apologize for some coughs, darth vadar like breathing and other strange sounds. In no particular order: 1. Continuum 2. Grid Wars 3. Creep Castle 4. Lemmings 5. Karnov 6. Prince of Persia 7. Spectre 8. Dragon's Lair 9. Oids 10. Operation Tsunami 11. Lode Runner 12. SpaceStation Pheta 13. Mouse Stampede 14. Glider 15. Arkanoid 16. Diamonds 17. Oxyd 18. Crystal Crazy 19. Wave 15 20. Star Roids 21. Loom 21. Armor Alley 22. Tetris by Randal Cook (Asshole Tetris) 23. Classic Daleks 24. Bert 25. Factory: the Industrial Devolution 26. Cyberblast 27. Fusillade 28. Sim Ant