Lost Patrol (1990) Amiga, full playthrough

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Full playthrough with no deaths on the Amiga version running in WinUAE v.2.4.1 Unfortunately i run out of ammo in the end, forcing me to flee from a couple of VC patrols and getting 2 men wounded(nothing modern medicine won't fix). I avoid the towns because of the big RNG factor with stepping on landmines, but there is enough ammo and food in the first town for the entire mission if you wan't to take the chance(it's relatively safe to approach it from the northeast). The manual contain hints about the individual skills of your men and how to use them(which i don't always follow): Bachman and Case: great snipers Blom: martial artist so best used as scout Gomez: not mentioned directly in manual, but he has an increased chance to discover booby traps and should therefore be used as leader(and he is the only one that fit in the tunnel system hole discovered in the first town).